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There's a telecommunication revolution happening and you can be part of it. Up until now a small company purchased or leased its telephone exchange, probably used proprietary phones connected to it and paid someone every time they wanted something altering. Because the alterations are expensive they weren't often made.

If you are thinking of altering or upgrading your PBX then there's a strong chance that you can save a huge amount of money whilst also providing many more features and improved computer to telephony integration. The secret to this is a free computer product called Asterisk, which when installed in a standard PC with some telephony interface cards acts as a fully featured PBX. But best of all you can have complete control over it by simply altering the text configuration files.

The interface cards will provide sockets for existing analogue phones or faxes, plugs to plug into normal (analogue) telephone lines, interfaces to ISDN (BRI) and PRI. VoIP phones are fully supported, and you can even use Windows Messenger for free as a "soft" phone.

Asterisk will handle calls from the dedicated lines, but will also handle incoming and outgoing calls via the internet. You can make calls to people with compatible VoIP systems for free, or call most of Western Europe for under 1.5p per minute. You can setup whatever least cost routing you like.

There's a complete voicemail solution that sends you an email saying who called and when, supplying the voicemail as an attachment. Perfect for those addicted to their Blackberry.

The system can be integrated into Windows TAPI so that you can make a call from Outlook by clicking on someone's name, and/or have a pop-up come up on your screen showing who is calling.

You can even create you own call centre hell! Asterisk supports absolutely everything from an electronic receptionist who will read a list of extensions and offer to put you through right up to a sophisticated queuing system passing calls to agents as they become free.

All this for the cost of a PC, the Linux operating system (free), Asterisk (free), some telephony cards (say £500 for 8 lines) - and some advice on how to put it all together. That's where we come in, setting up your initial system but leaving you in charge when we have finished.

If this sounds interesting please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.